Lancaster Invest uses two main forms of participation in investment projects:

  1. as an asset management company investing the funds under management in the charter capitals of investees;
  2. as an investment company – direct participant in the charter capital of an investee.

Based on the comprehensive professional competence of its managers, Lancaster Invest identifies and assesses potential of investment projects. Investment decision is made by the Board of Directors.

Following the stage of structuring and closing the deal is the most vital stage of realization of the implicit project potential through the professional management of investments made. At this stage, the investment project involves external managers with specific industrial knowledge and experience, as well as consultants and partners participating in the project.

The final stage of the project realization is to sell our stake in the investee using the following exit strategy:

  • Priority: Sale of the available package of shares/interest to a strategic or portfolio investor
  • Alternative: Initial public offer (IPO)
  • A decision regarding the exit from the project is made when an asset is fully priced or when the potential for its growth in the market is limited.